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The Lesnes Hundred

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The Lesnes Hundred celebrates ordinary people who have been ignored by history... teachers; friends; ordinary (or rather extraordinary) people who have done good things without seeking recognition.

From January - May 2021 Eric MacLennan interviewed a hundred members of the public (people of all ages and backgrounds) who came forward to name a tree in Lesnes Abbey Woods after someone important to them... an unsung hero(ine).

One hundred trees have now be named after these extraordinary people. The Lesnes Hundred.
 A celebration of people. A celebration of trees.
The title of this artwork (and book) - The Lesnes Hundred - gives an acknowledging nod to the ancient name of the area that included Lesnes Abbey Woods which was known in the 1100s as “The Hundred of Little and Lesnes”. A “hundred” is a term used to describe a division of land that was used around a thousand years ago.




The Lesnes Hundred is now available as a book from the Metal Culture website.


Limited edition of 400
396 pages
30 pages of colour plates including watercolours, photographs and maps.
The Lesnes Hundred by Eric MacLennan
Published in 2022 by Metal Culture

ISBN: 978-0-9570245-6-4 



You can download a map at that will help you to find the hundred trees.






The Lesnes Hundred are:

Campaigner who saved an ancient woodland

Conservation Volunteer
Good Samaritan
Campaigner for social justice
Methodist Minister
Estate Manager
Friend and carer - full of laughter
Sheltered accommodation worker
Volunteer who helps refugees
A special friend who put others before herself

Grassroots community activist
A kind mum
Primary school teacher
Theatre director
Kind aunt
Inspirational fitness trainer
Best friend who puts family first
Best friend with shared sense of humour

Parent support group leader
GP and conservationist
Charity runner and local community champion
Dad who saw beauty in small things
Dedicated mental health professional for young people

Performer, writer, puppeteer and disability rights activist

Grandad who offered random acts of kindness
Radical art critic
Children’s poet
Children’s centre manager
Co-ordinator of a mental health arts project

Loyal and popular council worker
A romantic
Promoter of mental health recovery through the arts

Good neighbour
Teacher, mentor and player of the bagpipes
Loyal and brave friend in junior school
Retired nurse and supportive neighbour
Litter picker
Female firefighter
Partner and driving force for good
Spiritual guide
Moral supporter
Charity runner
Subtle matchmaker
Haematologist and hero
Local artist
Pharmacist who did much for the community
Life and soul of the party with a heart of gold

Someone who puts others first
Tennis coach
Cafe manager
Amazing stepdad
Walking group leader
A doer not a talker
Blind woman always on the lookout for others

Inspirational mum
Excellent manager
Brilliant dad
Inspirational nurse
Choir leader
A builder of living willow fences
A brilliant caretaker
Piano teacher
Hospital chaplain
Primary Headmistress
Homeschooling mum
Horse whisperer
A woman who helped those in need
A young musician
A new born baby
Local legend
Volunteer groundsman
Charity fundraiser
A supporter of everybody

A good friend in hard times
A pillar of strength
A selfless twin sister
An east-end docker and wonderful dad

Hospital worker with two other jobs

University professor
A phenomenal woman
A Brownie leader
A foodbank helper
A charity trust helper

Volunteer for three charities

A worker with the homeless

A healer
A hospice worker
Artist and environmental campaigner

Selfless dad and gardener

The Lesnes Hundred by Eric MacLennan (currently artist-in-residence at Lesnes Abbey Woods) is co-commissioned by London Borough of Bexley and Metal for Estuary 2021 taking place from 22 May – 13 June 2021.

The Lesnes Hundred map

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