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Inspired by the results of a recent United Nations climate summit, which highlighted the fact that many of us have been putting bricks in our cisterns, cycling to work, with little hope that it makes a difference. But IEA (International Energy Agency) figures show that “billions of collective small actions add up to something massive”.

So... small gestures can have a big impact. If we all do our bit, small things can be the difference. Each and every drop helps!

One of eight artists commissioned to make original work for Planet B Festival in 2017 curated by Metal, PECT and funded by Arts Council England.

Eric MacLennan introduced EARTH SHARES to the people of Peterborough including schools and community groups... the project is on-going but be quick there's only 1,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,00 left!

EARTH SHARES - "share in the earth" - "a share in Peterborough". Not sold, but given to people.

Once someone has a share in the earth - they have responsibility to it.

EARTH SHARES aim to create a ‘drop in the ocean’ by getting members of the public to contact a friend and do something practical together for our environment.

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