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A Voyage around mY bedroom

An outdoor (and indoor!) art installation/performance entitled - A Voyage Around My Bedroom -  by Eric MacLennan inspired by the philosophical writings of Xavier de Maistre, which offer a way of looking at the world differently, so that the everyday and the mundane appear extraordinary and new.


In making tiny journeys with the outlook of a great explorer even a trip of a few centimetres can become an adventure filled with discovery and surprise!


A journey, in a bedroom, in a glass box, in a field.


Illuminated from within.



Visible from afar.

It offers a unique and memorable experience... 

It has an entrance. It has an invitation. With the aid of a guide, audience can voyage around

this room in the manner of grand explorers!

This work now has its own dedicated website:

Technical requirements PDF for promoters and event organisers:

A Voyage Around My Bedroom .jpg

Originally co-commissioned by Applause Outdoors and Glastonbury Arts Commissions 

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