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Several successful commissions as artist in residence notably as part of the opening season for the new Birmingham Library with Capsule which saw the creation of Bureau of Lost Discoveries. 


Eric’s most recent creative residency has toured a number of public libraries. Titled - in visible (L)ink - the project twinned South Shields with the rest of the world! - not the whole town - however - just tiny parts of it! Later the same project twinned the Royal Borough of Greenwich. This socially engaged art project is currently twinning Sutton and is based at Sutton Central Library.


Small areas  such as a paving stone; a post-box; a street lamp have been ‘twinned’ with an equivalent in another part of the world. These ordinary objects were the starting point from which to engage members of the public and hear their stories and their links with other parts of the world. A celebration of our connections. A celebration of people and place. A celebration of friendship.


It is an on-going project. To date, 102 objects have been twinned in both South Shields and Royal Borough of Greenwich with other places around the world. Now, Sutton is also twinned with a 102 places! - no more - no less. This project may come to be known as the "102 Club".


Each of the 102 twinned objects have an associated story. There are audio recordings of each of these and future plans include a permanent treasure hunt tour where these recordings act as a guide.

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“The wonderful thing about Eric MacLennan's in visible (L)ink is that Eric has brought a highly conceptual arts project to South Tyneside and engaged over 100 members of the public by approaching it in a down-to-Earth human way. The oral storytelling and treasured memories aspect of the project has captured the imaginations of everyone involved and engaged members of the community who would not usually get involved in such a project. Daniel Clifford (Learning and Participation Officer, Customs House Trust)
“I loved browsing through South Shields cultural real estate! I enjoyed hearing snippets of other people's stories. lt made me reminisce about times l'd spent with my twin (both the person and the place) and brought back memories of South Shields when I was younger. Afterwards, on my walk back to work I noticed the area around King Street. I now see the tree I twinned and smile thinking of the person it is dedicated to. lt’s nice to slow down and smile”. Elizabeth Kane (Customs House Trust).
“It was so tremendous, amazing, graciously wonderful!”. Paul Sawicki.
“It’s engendered many new friendships, as well as strengthening the existing ones between the linked people”. April Fairburn (Librarian)
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